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Vanilla Planifolia

Vanilla Planifolia

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- Easy to care for

- Keep the plant under proper lighting during the day

- Keep your terrarium/vivarium at a high humidity to ensure the best growth

- All plants come packaged in a sealed plastic bag in moist Sphagnum Moss

- When planting the stem cutting, just place the stem of the plant into some moist substrate

Found in the countries of Mexico, Madagascar, Tahiti, Indonesia and Uganda; the Vanilla planifolia is a plant species in the family Orchidaceae. It's is an elegant & beautiful easy to grow plant for beginners or longtime vivarium, terrarium & houseplant hobbyists.

The plants stem will root & grow straight from your vivarium's, terrarium's or pots substrate. It does great in small terrariums, but if given the chance to grow large enough, it will flower and produce vanilla beans. It also does very well with poison dart frogs or any of your vivarium or terrarium critters; in a very still and moist environment. It truly is an eye catcher, having a climbing or trailing vine with bright thick glossy leaves. Such an extravagant plant would be a great addition to any collection.

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