Collection: DIY Tiny Vivarium and Terrarium Starter Kits - Complete Bioactive Ecosystem for Home and Office Decor

Create your own miniature indoor garden with our DIY Terrarium Starter Kit. Perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts, this all-inclusive kit contains everything you need to build a stunning bioactive terrarium. The compact 4x4, and the 6x6 inch clear acrylic enclosure fits perfectly on any desktop or shelf, showcasing a vibrant, self-sustaining ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Complete Kit: Includes detailed instructions, live tropical plants, 10ct orange springtails, ABG substrate soil, drainage layers, and more.
  • Compact and Stunning: The 4x4, and the 6x6 acrylic terrariums are ideal for small spaces, with a halo ring light that has a timer and dimming levels for optimal plant growth.
  • Live Ecosystem: Features live tropical plants and orange springtails that naturally break down waste, creating a balanced, low-maintenance environment.
  • Well-Equipped: Includes cork bark, ABG soil substrate, mesh barrier, and clay pebbles for proper drainage, air flow, and humidity regulation.
  • Eye-Catching Display: The clear acrylic and halo lighting show off the miniature rainforest environment, making it a perfect conversation piece.

Kit Components:

  1. Detailed Instruction Manual
  2. 4x4 and the 6x6 inch Plastic Terrarium Enclosure
  3. Live Terrarium Plants
  4. 10ct Orange Springtails
  5. Atlanta Botanical Gardens Substrate Soil
  6. LECA Pebbles Drainage Layer
  7. LED Grow Light
  8. Decorative Cork Bark
  9. Sphagnum Moss

Bring nature indoors with this easy-to-assemble kit. The halo ring grow light provides full spectrum LEDs on a timer, ensuring your plants thrive. Multiple light levels simulate natural daylight, promoting healthy growth. Simply add the substrate soil, arrange your plants and decorative elements, and watch your miniature ecosystem come to life. Low maintenance and perfectly sized for any space, this terrarium kit makes a delightful addition to your home or office decor.