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Marcgravia rectiflora

Marcgravia rectiflora

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- Great plant for beginners and experts alike

- Easy Care and Maintenance

- Needs full spectrum medium to low lighting

- Keep in a high humidity environment to ensure the best growth 

- Packaged in a sealed plastic bag on moist sphagnum moss

I keep the plant in a humid environment & then planting just the stem
into some moist soil or substrate(I use ABG; linked below). Then place
some dampened sphagnum moss around the base of the stem(this helps
hold in moisture). I have found that this method is very effective 
for me when propagating.

The Marcgravia rectiflora is a rare & exotic shingling vine is in the family
Marcgraviaceae. It has a spreading habit, with fast-growing vines climbing,
shingling, or cascading in all directions. It's is an elegant & beautiful easy to
grow plant for beginners or longtime vivarium, terrarium & houseplant hobbyists.

The plants stem will root & grow straight from your vivarium's, terrarium's or
pots substrate. It does very well with poison dart frogs or any of your vivarium
or terrarium critters; in a very still and moist environment. It truly is an eye catcher,
having small unique leaves with a hue of bronze and green. Such an
extravagant plant that would be a great addition to any collection.

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