30 January, 2018

" I've depended on Mice Direct for years and when they had a problem, I ordered online from Rodent Pro. I paid for the order and it has been 11 days so far without even a notice of shipment. Heath at Mice Direct called after a week had gone by to apologise for not being able to help me. I ordered feeder mice from Mice Direct and they were here in 3 days. I'm still waiting for the Rodent Pro order."

Testimonial By: Mary Ellen Rogers 
Sea Biscuit Shelter Director

Feb 4, 2016

GREAT SERVICE & PRODUCT! The 2 bags arrived frozen and in great shape. My critters devoured their first feeding. Thanks a bunch, 
Future returning customer!
Testimonial By: Terry Fraser


Nov 1, 2015

I want to thank you for the great service you give and great prices. I want to express that the large rats are perfect although I wish the mediums were a little bigger. Either way I can't complain about your company at all. I have recommended your company to several people across the country. Me and my pets are very happy with mice direct so thank you for everything.
Testimonial By: Steven Gengler

First Rate

Saturday 08 March, 2014

Several years if excellent service and products. I highly recommend Mice Direct.
Testimonial By: Jim Godfrey   Palmetto Reptiles

Great Company!

Wednesday 29 January, 2014

This was my first order, and I'm very impressed! The rats and roaches I ordered were shipped very quickly, and arrived frozen as guaranteed. They were packaged in a very nice styrofoam container with enough dry ice to withstand even a southern heat wave. From now on, I will only order from Mice Direct.
Testimonial By: Lauren

Pleasantly Surprised

Thursday 19 December, 2013

This was my first time ordering frozen mice for my snakes. I was a bit apprehensive, but after reading the positive reviews I decided to give it a try. The mice arrived after 3 days still frozen and in great condition - plenty of dry ice still left in the cooler. Sure, you pay a lot for shipping up front, but my pinkie mice still averaged only .30 each - and would have been less had I ordered more mice. WELL worth it. I will be ordering all my mice from Mice Direct from here on out.
Testimonial By: Michael Knoxville TN 

High Quality Most Reliable and very Affordable feeders

Saturday 14 December, 2013

Orderd a 35bag mice fuzzies october and the came fast, frozen and clean exactly what i wanted (very high quality) my snake has never regurgitated/ refuse since ive had him. MiceDirect 4 life i just ordered 10 rat Fuzz and 10 Rat Pup cant wait to get them next week.
Testimonial By: Leonardo Perch Tampa USA Kiroc my baby Red Tail Boa Constrictor LMFAO

My first purchase

Wednesday 04 December, 2013

My Mice were shipped on Monday, arrived Wednesday in a snow storm. I am very happy with the box these mice are shipped in. the quality of the mice from my first look seems good. (not stinky and miscolored as mice that have been frozen a while get)Quality of the mice seems good also. Adult mice and jumbo mice are easy to pull out 1 at a time, I ordered 100 hoppers also and they were somewhat frozen together. all in all im a satisfied customer!
Testimonial By: Todd cloutier  Wisconsin 

super fast and great quality!

Thursday 12 September, 2013

The mice came in a couple days after I place the order. I was expecting it to take maybe a week or two for them to come in, but they came within three days of me placing the order. The mice were all completely frozen, and I had order 600 mice. They all look great!!! A LOT better than anything I have bought from anywhere else (petsmart for ex.) and A LOT cheaper! I was paying $11 bucks for a box of 6 mice at petsmart!!! Talk about price gouging! Mice Direct is the ONLY place I will be buys from now on! And believe me I looked around to see who was best quality for the best price and I found it! I am beyond pleased.
Testimonial By: Kathleen Newton High Point North Carolina


Wednesday 11 September, 2013

We got our order of mice today-everything looks great & fast shipping! :)
Testimonial By: Valerie Sadler

Great mice and roaches!

Tuesday 10 September, 2013

I have purchased both frozen roaches and mice from here. I have never had any issues just click, order, pay, and receive - which is exactly what I want. My african fat tailed gecko mostly eats live insects, but willingly goes to the frozen roaches too! More convenient and also cheaper than the only pet store near me. Order for the entire year and keep it in your freezer so it's always ready!
Testimonial By: Sherri  IL 

The Cheapest!

Thursday 29 August, 2013

I looked at several different websites and Mice Direct is surely the cheapest. Even with the crazy shipping price. But they shipped quickly. My Red Tail Boa dominated the rat fuzzy!
Testimonial By: Cesar Escamilla

Excellent Company

Friday 16 August, 2013

My first order arrived late due to UPS, I contacted John, and he called me back on a Sunday afternoon. He replaced my order, which was a large order of 500 fuzzy rats, and followed up to make sure they arrived. He was at a reptile show, and took the time to email me. He definitely has a loyal customer, and do not hesitate to order from this Company. The value is excellent, along with their customer service.
Testimonial By: carol young

Awesome Site

Wednesday 14 August, 2013

I have just placed an order for 1000 mice. I love it when they have sales, it really helps offset the shipping cost. This is the second order I have placed and my friend Steve in Iowa from the T. Radix Ranch alerted me to the sale. Thanks again Steve and thanks to John for the awesome service!
Testimonial By: Le Ann Skahen Danbury CT 

Fantastic Quality

Monday 24 June, 2013

Great quality of rats. Reasonable price too. They were still frozen when they arrived and had pretty quick shipping. I'll order from here again!
Testimonial By: Jeramy Parrish  Texas 


Wednesday 12 June, 2013

Amazing prices and quality I will be continuing to order from micedirect
Testimonial By: Bailey Lackey  Texas 

Perfectection possible? Yes

Thursday 28 February, 2013

Nice clean feeders, great prices, fast service (ordered on Monday, arrived on Wednesday). The only complaint (minor one) I ever had ib the past with these guys has been the bags ripping during shipping, but they've solved that. Thicker bagsm no rips. Keep up the good work guys!!
Testimonial By: jeffrey pfeifer Flint Michigan 

Outstanding Service!

Tuesday 04 September, 2012

My initial order was timely sent by MiceDirect, however, due to Hurricane Isaac in the Gulf of Mexico (which later hit Baton Rouge) UPS was unable to deliver the order within the specified time frame. Although MiceDirect fulfilled their obligation by getting my order out on time, and while UPS/weather concerns were responsible for the delay, MiceDirect immediately reshipped my order at no additional charge. The folks at MiceDirect provided outstanding customer service and a compassionate attitude toward my situation. I highly recommend this company and will continue to make future purchases from them without hesitation.
Testimonial By: David Klecker

super easy!

Thursday 30 August, 2012

Ordered for the first time and everything was smooth. I received mice and roaches of nice quality for a good price. The items arrived when they were supposed to so thanks for sticking to the shipping outline on the site. I have never feed the lizard turkish roaches before but he/she took right too them. Much better than buying crickets plus frozen ones can't escape into the house ;)
Testimonial By: Sherri

Fast, affordable, and clean.

Thursday 09 August, 2012

These rats came frozen solid and not stuck together. They look healthy and clean. I've ordered from other businesses, as well as local breeders, and I'll definately be ordering from these guys again. Now we just need to see what my snakes think!
Testimonial By: Bryan Beck Minneapolis Minnesota 

Ball Python Food

Thursday 12 April, 2012

Found Mice Direct from Reptiles Magazine... Best price anywhere!!! Great Mice.. Saved a lot of money buying from here instead of the pet store, like $140 for the year. Will be shopping here for a long time. Thank you for the REAL fast shipping and GREAT product!! Marcus
Testimonial By: Marcus Kerecman Dickson City Pennsylvania 

First time ordering frozen.

Thursday 19 January, 2012

This was the first time my son has ever ordered frozen. My son and I were very impressed with the way they were packaged and set up.All the rats were clean, healthy looking, and set up nicely.Everything was great except that the mouse pinkie bag had cracked open so there was pinkies all over the cooler, had to use feeding tongs to get them out because there was a lot covered in dry ice. The brown paper bag tore open. Other than that we were very impressed. We will surely order from Mice Direct in the future.
Testimonial By: Leslie Klein  Florida 

my order

Friday 07 October, 2011

i just made an order of 500 mice i love this companys qualitity and how fast they ship. they get a 5 star rating.
Testimonial By: rodney keefer

amazing service

Thursday 18 August, 2011

the very first time i bought from this company i was amazed at the quantity and how cheap they are i would recommend this wonderful company to my reptile buddys and family thanks mice direct.
Testimonial By: rodney keefer waynesboro pa 

Great service

Sunday 14 August, 2011

I ordered and was able to pick my order up at the Repticon in Charlotte. The folks were great and let me see the rat sizes before I took them home. They seemed very knowledgable in the products and were a great help. I will surely be using them again.
Testimonial By: Rick Ellis

Five Star Quality & Service

Saturday 06 November, 2010 is a company I will stake my name on. They breed all their own rodents, only use high quality feed, clean conditions at their facilities, caring customer service, quick draw on the shipping, the list goes on. No lab animals or medical waste like some of the companies out there. I will never go anywhere else for my feeder needs. First class company all the way.
Testimonial By: David Poppy

Cooper's Hawk

Thursday 01 July, 2010

I work in wildlife rescue and rehab. About 6 weeks ago I discovered a wounded fledgling Cooper's Hawk wondering around in panic on the ground. It had an apparent wing injury. I took the hawk home with me in order to give her 24 hour care, however this is my first experience with a bird of prey. I managed to come up with several foods she liked such as browned ground meat and cooked chicken filets. I would blend these with water and egg and she liked it and ate very well! One day at my local pet store chain I purchased a pack of 6 mice fuzzies for $10! Brought them home, defrosted 3 and gave to the hawk who immediately tore into them! After several days she started to turn away from my home-made meals and I had to buy more at $10 a pack which was adding up. This is when I got online to search for a better way of suppling her with her favorite food. After looking through many companies with calculator in hand, I came to the conclusion that "Mice Direct" undeniably has the best prices! I ordered 300 frozen mice fuzzies for only around $88 bucks with shipping included! That same $88 bucks would have only gotten me about 52 mice fuzzies at my local pet store chain! "Mice Direct" will definitely be my only supplier from now on! The prices cannot be matched by anyone! The quality of the frozen mice fuzzies are excellent and they arrived frozen solid! The size of mice are much larger than the ones I bought from the pet store! I now have an extremely happy and well feed Cooper's Hawk. She enjoys them so much I have seen her, for the first times get into protective stances while eating them, which is by using her wings and tail spread out forming a barrier around the mouse as she eats. My next order will be chicks and I have no doubt that I will be happy with the product. My Hawk "Spirit" and I both thank you "Mice Direct" for your unbeatable prices and superior quality products! Peace, Love, & Harmony, Laurie AKA "Tink"
Testimonial By: Laurie Derks

great service and price

Wednesday 26 May, 2010

What great service and price, I ordered on Tuesday and to my surprise the mice arrived on Wednesday. The price is great too, even when paying for shipping still a better value than the pet store. Thank you, Karen
Testimonial By: Karen Love Cleveland TN 


Saturday 22 May, 2010

i have been using Mice Dirct for over a year. they have excellent products at unbelievable prices. I will only feed my animals Mice Direct. The staff is very helpful and and the shipping is very prompt. thanks Rob
Testimonial By: ROB DUNBAR

Awesome!! 5*

Thursday 13 May, 2010

very good customer service! and awesome delivery time and is a very well packed product
Testimonial By: Jeff Jenkins Houston TX 


Friday 30 April, 2010

I live close enough to make an appointment and pick my order up on site. I have to say I was very impressed with the facilities, not designed as a store front by any means but very clean. It is hard to believe rats and mice come from such a clean facility. I was expecting run down chicken houses not new buildings when I got there. I have not personally tried the rats (and won't) but my boa seems to love them. VERY happy customer.
Testimonial By: scott stowe

Very Happy.....

Thursday 15 April, 2010

I ordered 1500 mice on Saturday night and the shipment arrived three days later at my door in Southern CA on Tuesday. The packaging was great. Mice were frozen solid and organized very well according to size. I will definitely be buying again from Mice Direct when I need more. Oh yeah and the pricing was awesome. My per mouse cost for a mixture of small pinkies to adults was .18 apiece. Thanks again guys.
Testimonial By: Allan Bartlett Irvine CA 


Friday 19 March, 2010

I saw that Mice Direct had been at a local reptile show and decided to check them out. After reading all the testimonials and comparing the prices to another company I decided I had to give it a try. Had a pretty big order especially for a first order. Order arrived quickly and in perfect condition. My snakes were very happy. I have found my new supplier. Thanks so much guys!
Testimonial By: Richard Sanford


Monday 01 March, 2010

I will always order my rat needs here! They are so fast and conveinent.
Testimonial By: jonathan barnett Prestonsburge KY 

Seamus is BACK

Friday 05 February, 2010

My cat Seamus is FIV positive and dangerously thin. He recovered from his last illness, but has not been able to re-gain his weight. Nothing I've fed him seems to interest him for much more than a few bites, but this lethargic little sick cat turned back into a scary little predator the second he got a whiff of those mice. Thanks to Mice Direct, Seamus is on his way back to being the little fat cat he once was. I just wonder: how many mice a cat can eat in one day? I'm quite sure I'll be placing another order soon.
Testimonial By: Deborah Mackie Elkton MD 

Making another order

Friday 05 February, 2010

Getting ready for my second order. This one will be for over 9,000 mice. My snake love this product. I'm very pleased with the customer service I have received. and will recommend it to all my Thamnophis friends.
Testimonial By: Steve Gilfillan  Iowa T.radix Ranch

Awsome service and price

Friday 01 January, 2010

Very affordable, even after the shipping price it is still less expensive than any of my local breeders. The service is fast, my packages arrive on time and neatly paclaged. Will deffinatly continue to work with
Testimonial By: Kyle Hiner  florida 

Very happy

Wednesday 18 November, 2009

After not being able to find a dependable source for rats for my boa over the last few months and wasting so much time driving back and forth across town to the one store that did carry feeder rats, often leaving empty handed, I tried ordering frozen rats online. the very first rat I thawed...bang, my snake is fed and unscathed. I am saving money and more importantly time. Thank you mice direct!
Testimonial By: Colin Kennedy Savannah Georgia 

First Order

Sunday 16 August, 2009

This is my first order from Mice Direct and I am very pleased. There was plenty of dry ice in the box and the packaging was great I didn't have to pick through pieces of sheets of insulation. The 900 I ordered should take care of me for a while. I am sure I will be placing another order soon. I have recomended you to all of my friends that use frozen rodents and some that don't. The turn around on time for the order was very quick.
Testimonial By: Tom Wachtman

Excellent product and service!

Friday 17 July, 2009

I have been thrilled with my orders from Mice Direct! The feeders are fresh and clean and always frozen solid! Thanks guys!
Testimonial By: Jamie Glass   Glass Reptiles

Mice Direct Rules!

Monday 25 May, 2009

We have been ordering from for a couple of years now. They offer a full selection, unbeatable prices and great customer service. Our orders are always accurate and on time too! That's why they have become OUR #1 supplier of frozen rodents! Dave
Testimonial By: David Edwards Central FL

Best in the Business

Tuesday 21 April, 2009

Great shipping, fast and reliable. And awesome products and prices. No doubt I will recommend and continue using you guys.

Amazing Quality and Value!

Wednesday 03 December, 2008

I was a little skeptical to buy feeder mice on-line, however, after reading the prices and testimonials on the Mice Direct website, I made my first order. The order was made Monday, shipped Tuesday, and at my door on Wednesday. The order arrived extremely well packaged and frozen solid. Every aspect of my transaction was smooth and simple. I will definitely use Mice Direct for all my feeder needs.
Testimonial By: Jonathan Bussey

Very pleased!

Thursday 13 November, 2008

I am very happy with MiceDirect. It was a very easy transaction, fast delivery, the mice arrived in great condition, and all of it for a great price. I will definitely order from them again.
Testimonial By: Gabriele Holden

order #'s

Thursday 23 October, 2008

I noticed my first order number was below 50 now i am 2000 plus Mice direct deserve a lot more they are no hassle easy to deal with and very efficient did I mention awesome price what I ask for is what I get
Testimonial By: Steve Fodden  Florida Boa Den

Very Pleased

Tuesday 24 June, 2008

High quality product at a reasonable price! Very fast shipping. Will definitely do business again!
Testimonial By: Christian Ford

these guys are great

Tuesday 20 May, 2008

i think john is doing a great job with the help of his friend and partner , mice direct hope you keep up the great work and helping others will buy from them as laong as i ever need rats or mice i would suggest all pet stores and other bussness that need there product buy from them , because they care.
Testimonial By: rick harrelson mcdonough georgia Reptiles R Us

Great turnaround

Thursday 01 May, 2008

I sent out the money order for some mice on Monday and I got my mice on Wensday. This is the quickest order time I have ever seen. John Campbell SnakeDr.Reptiles
Testimonial By: John Campbell Temple Georgia Snake Dr. Reptiles

Great service

Saturday 26 April, 2008

I actually drove out to the shop on a sunny day and met the owner and he was very helpful and the shop was clean and I look forward to doing business with them again in the near future.
Testimonial By: Jason

Top Notch

Saturday 12 April, 2008

This company is top notch. I took advantage of one of their red hot specials at the time, which was sweet enough..but they worked with me(patiently) to get the most mice out of my shipping fee. The rodents are superior quality. I will be quick to order from them again before I run out. Sincerely, Joe Lincoln, NE
Testimonial By: Joseph Griffin Lincoln NE 

Very Pleased

Friday 22 February, 2008

I was very happy with my transaction through Mice Direct! The guys were a pleasure to deal with and the prices are great! Thanks to everyone at Mice Direct!
Testimonial By: Jason Dowis

Thumbs Up

Saturday 20 October, 2007

Received product frozen. My snakes seem to really like Mice Direct as well... I just submitted another order for month #2 feeding snakes with Mice Direct products only
Testimonial By: Jonathan Graham Derry New Hampshire 


Tuesday 18 September, 2007

I am very pleased with their product and service. They even called me back on a Sunday night, when i had a question about my order. I will continue to use them for my rodent needs.
Testimonial By: Arlon Delorge