ProCoco Compressed CocoChip Block

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This is an excellent reptile bedding and used by the best breeders in the world. 

-The Lowest Salt Coir Available on the Market

- Prococo Premium Cocopeat coconut husk coco peat coir brick is made of top quality coco husk that has been washed extensively to extract the salts and minerals found in most coco coir coco soil products.

-It can hold a lot of moisture for an extended period of time without your reptile being too wet.  Humidity needs are easily controled by adding the amount of moisture the reptile needs.  One block makes a lot, it expands to 2.5 cubic feet.  The easiest way to expand the bedding and prepare it for use is to submerge the entire block in a sink or tub of water for about 30 seconds and then drop it in your container to break apart. 

-Other uses: Top Soil Alternative - Coconut coir bricks can be used as top soil for plants or can be mixed with sand ( 60% coco coir, 30% sand, 10% compost ) to use as a direct medium on open land. 

-Top Quality Omri Certified Organic Husk - This coconut coir is OMRI certified 100% organic. The coir possesses excellent water holding capacity due to the natural quality of coco coir brick husk. Ideal for a Variety of Applications - Use Prococo CocoPeat in planting soil, gardening soil, landscaping, potting mix, mixes, soil ammendments, aquaponics, hydroponics, vermiculture worm farm bedding, and much more Long Life – The coco coir remains in use for a long time and can be reused indefinitely.

-Eco-friendly and sustainable this coconut coir is a perfect alternative to peat moss and works better while being environmentally responsible.


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