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Frequently Asked Questions

We want your experience with MiceDirect to be as easy and helpful as possible, as well as to instill a sense of confidence in our standards as real rodent pros, so we have included in this section our most commonly asked questions, along with their answers. We know you may have other questions that are not listed on this page, and we welcome you to send any questions you might have to us from the "Contact Us" page and we will gladly answer them for you. If we receive the same question several times, we will then add it to this list of frequently asked questions.

Product-Related Questions

1. "How do you euthanize your animals?"

We take great care to make sure that our animals have a healthy and happy life. When the time comes to euthanize our animals, we use CO2 to quickly and humanely end the life of the animal. This is the accepted way to euthanize animals in the rodent industry.

2. "What do you do to produce high-quality rodents?"

We carefully monitor the environment to ensure that it is sanitary and conducive to healthy rodent growth and development; we carefully monitor their health through regular examinations and lab testing; we provide them with a scientifically-formulated healthy diet; and we use CO2, a form of humane euthanasia which ensures that no harmful chemicals enter the feeder that could harm your pet. We also retain that healthy quality with quick freezing and special insulated shipping containers which ensure that your pet's food arrives completely frozen, with all of its nutrients preserved.

3. "What kind of food do you feed your mice?"

We feed both our mice and our rats the FRM rodent feed, which is scientifically formulated and has a reputation for being the best rodent diet in the nation. We also offer this product to our customers who wish to raise or maintain live rodents.

4. "How long can we keep frozen rodents in our freezer?"

We send our mice and rats in thick, resealable plastic freezer bags for your convenience in accessing them for each feeding. Before sealing them, we manually squeeze out all the air we can to help prevent freezer burn, as what causes freezer burn is exposure to air over a period of time. Your package should keep for 12 months without issue. Make sure and press out excess air from the bag before resealing it, as this will prolong freshness.

5. "What is the best way to thaw out frozen rodents?"

It is very important to make sure that your pet's food is fully thawed. There are a number of options for thawing the frozen feeders. One option is to select the portion you want to thaw and separate it from the rest, putting it into its own separate ziploc bag. After doing that, float the bag of frozen rodents into the water or you may place the rodent directly into the water. If you go with this option, make sure that the water you use is just warm, not burning hot or scalding. If you are thawing a rat, it could take three hours or more with this method, but to thaw mice this way usually takes under an hour.

Another method you could use for thawing your frozen feeder is to take your selected portion out of the freezer in the morning and put into into the refrigerator to thaw during the day. In the evening, the feeders should be mostly thawed and it will only take a short amount of time to thaw them the rest of the way using the above warm-water method.

A third option, but one that requires a great deal of caution, is to use your microwave--always set to run on low power--to thaw the mice or rats. This should not be used for thawing pinkies or fuzzies...only for the larger mice and rats. If you choose this option, make sure you do not rely on visual cues to tell if they are done, as microwaves cook from the inside-out, but instead keep a close eye on the rodent's sensitive ears as they will be the first to burn if the meat has been cooked at too high a temperature or for too long a time.

5. "How do you compare sizes at different stores and what is the weight for each different type you sell?"

Many times, frozen feeder distributors will use the same names for very different sizes of their products and it makes comparison difficult. If you look in the individual description of each of our items, you will see that we have listed a range of grams that each individual mouse or rat weighs, and then listed below are the pounds (lbs.) of total approximate weight for each bag, since they are sold by the bag and not individually.

In order to compare prices between companies that sell frozen rodents, it is important that you check the weight listed for each mouse or rat, and then compare prices of products that are of around the same weight. Note what unit of measure is being used so that you are comparing grams to grams or ounces to ounces. The common weight used is grams, so expect to see grams used regularly.

6. "Do you also sell live rodents?"

We certainly do! We sell both mice and rats live, but they must be picked up from our facilities which are located in northern Georgia. Just call to set up an appointment time and to get directions and we will be glad to help you. We can also provide you with a consultation on raising live rodents. We offer our customers the same excellent feed and bedding we use at our facilities as well as the best rodents racks on the market.

Pricing and Payment Questions

1. "How much do you charge for your rodents, and can I get a better deal buying in bulk?"

We offer our customers great discounts based on the quantity of each product that is ordered, which adds up to a noticable savings for you over what you would normally pay per mouse or rat. If you look at the individual product description page for each type of mouse or rat, you will see listed, to the right of the picture, the normal price per bag and then per/mouse or per/rat price for each individual rodent in that bag. Now, if you look below, you will see a chart that lists the discounted prices based on the number of mice or rats purchased and the discounted price per individual rodent. A few cents per rodent of savings adds up to big savings when buying in bulk. Also, filling your shipping box to capacity saves additionally because adding a few more bags to fill a box does not affect the S&H price very much. With the combination of buying in bulk and filling your boxes to capacity, you will dramatically drop the cost of your rodents.

2. "Do you ever have any special sales at MiceDirect?"

We do have sales and special promotions that we run at various times throughout each year. You will be able to see our sales and special items highlighted on the front page of our web site and throughout the shopping cart. If you sign up to receive our newsletter, you will find that to be a very good way to get early notification of up-coming sales and promotions and to stay on top of all the great deals we have to offer you here at MiceDirect.

3. "Is there a minimum amount of rodents that are required to order from your company?"

No, there is no minimum order. However, to maximize your savings, it is to your advantage to fill your box with more rodents. The weight of the rodents has very little effect on your overall S&H costs.

4. "Do you accept credit cards? What about personal checks?"

We are pleased to offer several different options for your payment convenience. We accept VISA and MasterCard and we are also registered merchants with Pay Pal. We do not accept C.O.D. and all orders must be paid for in advance. For orders that will be picked up in person at our facilities, please call us at 1-888-747-0736 to set up an appointment and to discuss payment options.

5. "What is your guarantee policy?"

Our policy is 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want to earn and keep your business.

When your order arrives, please check it right away and call us at 1-888-747-0736 if there are any problems at all with the quality of our products and we will refund 100% of your purchase price. Requests for reimbursement and replacement must be made within 24 hours of receiving your shipment, as we cannot be held responsible for shipments that are left unchecked for several days or not picked up within 24 hours of delivery.

Shipping and Packaging Questions

1. "How does MiceDirect package and ship its products?"

We take great care in the way we package and prepare every order of our frozen feeders for shipment. First of all, we freeze our rodents immediately after a quick, painless euthanization with carbon dioxide. We then pack the frozen feeders into thick, resealable plastic freezer bags, which we manually remove as much air from as possible and then fully seal. The resealable bags were chosen to allow you convenience and flexibility to use each rodent as you need it. We ship all of our products with dry ice to keep them frozen, and use the type of shipping you select and distance from our facilities in northern Georgia to your home to determine the proper amount of dry ice needed to keep it frozen. We use special industry-standard insulated coolers to pack the frozen feeders and the dry ice into to ship them to you in a guaranteed frozen condition.

2. "When does MiceDirect ship?"

Our shipping days are Monday and Tuesday of each week. The shipment date for your order is determined by when the order is received and on the destination of the products. If an order is received after our ship days for that week, it will be shipped on the following Monday or Tuesday. A shipment that is over a 3 day ground must be shipped 3 day select. If you would like to determine how many days a shipment will take, go to and visit the shipment page and go to "calculate time".

3. "How do I safely discard the dry ice in the shipping box?"

It is important that you wear gloves whenever you handle dry ice, as it is extremely cold (the temperature is -109.3 F.) and is a skin irritant. Because it is so cold, it can cause severe frostbite or avoid contact with skin, mouth, eyes, and clothing. And, of course, never eat or swallow dry ice. As dry ice melts, it produces a carbon dioxide gas, so it is very important to use it in open or well-ventilated areas so that you don't risk suffocation or serious injury. Also, do not place the dry ice in an air-tight container as that could lead to it exploding. If you use these mostly common sense precautions, you should have no problem with the dry ice.

General Rodent, Reptile, and Bird of Prey Questions

1. "Why feed reptiles frozen rodents over live ones?"

Although some people mistakenly believe that live food is better than frozen for their birds of prey and reptiles, frozen rodents are actually the preferred choice of many professional breeders, wildlife rehabilitators, zoos, and hobbyists. They prefer frozen rodents because of their convience (they can be stored easily in large quantities, they are easier and cheaper to receive as shipments, they are humanely pre-killed and so don't require difficulty in euthanizing), because it takes away the many drawbacks of either having to maintain a live animal colony or repeatedly go to the pet shop for small numbers of live animals, because they end up being a better choice economically, and finally, but most importantly, because they are a safer and healthier choice for the animals under their care. Often live prey will fight back and bite or scratch and wound the reptile, and animals caught live or bought from unreliable sources may harbor all sorts of diseases and parasites that could then be transmitted to the bird of prey or reptile that ingested them.

Many people assume that live food will always be better for birds of prey and for reptiles than frozen food because that is what they eat in the wild. However, what they do not take into account is that we have already changed the rules of the game when we bring these animals into captivity and we at that point take on the responsibility for their health and safety. Yes, animals do not eat frozen food in the wild. But neither do they live in cages or man-made habitats, and they often die in the wild from wounds from feisty prey or from parasites and diseases that are transmitted by prey in the wild.

3. "How difficult is it to switch our reptiles from live feeders to frozen feeders?"

First of all, it is crucial to make sure that your frozen feeder is fully thawed. Some people have found it helpful to make sure it is still warm from the warm water or microwave rather than totally cooled off. The first step is to use a pair of hemostats to dangle the food in front of your pet, moving the food to tease it as if it were a live animal. If that does not work for you, check out our article on "Frozen vs. Live" in our Articles section of our site or give us a call toll-free at 1-888-747-0736 and we would be more than happy to assist you in this or in any other area that you may need advice in feeding or caring for your reptiles or birds of prey.

4. "How do I move a reptile from other sources of food to feeding on live rodents?"

One of the best ways we have found to approach this issue is to take the food you normally feed to your pet and rub it's scent on the rodent. Often that is enough to convince the predator that the rodent is a good prey. If that is not effective, you may get some other ideas by reading the article on "Frozen vs. Live" in our Articles section of our site (from "Feeding Prekilled vs. Live Prey" by Melissa Kaplan) or you can give us a call toll-free at 1-888-747-0736 and we would be more than happy to share our experience as real rodent pros and assist you in this or in any other area that you may need advice regarding feeding or caring for your reptiles or birds of prey.

Web Site Questions

1. "How do I find what I am looking for on your web site?"

When you come to our site, you will see links or section titles on the left-hand side that will take you to the various parts of our site. Just click on them to go to each part of the site. Every page has a menu of links on it to guide you.

2. "Is ordering online with MiceDirect secure?"

Our shopping cart is very secure and is certified, through our host provider Powweb, by Equifax Secure Certificate Authority. When you are using our shopping cart, as well as any other secure site on the web, you will know it is secure when you see a lock icon in the bottom right of your screen or notice that the url path changes from the normal http:// to https:// (the "s" stands for secure). To view the certification, double click on the lock icon.

However, if for any reason you would prefer not to order your shipment online, please feel free to give us a call, toll-free, at 1-888-747-0736 and we would be happy to take your order by phone instead.

3. "Does MiceDirect ever give or sell my personal information to other companies?"

No, we value our customer's right to privacy and security and we will never sell or give away your information to a third party without your permission. For more information about our policies and how we use your personal information, please take a look at our policies in our "Privacy Notice" section.

4. "Why is my birth date required when signing up?"

In order to comply with U.S. law concerning the storage of personal data of children under the age of 13, we require our customers enter their birth date.

5. "Who designed your web site and where did you get your online shopping cart?"

Our web site was created by Visionspin LLC. They used Zen Cart as the basis for the shopping cart and then adapted it to fit our needs.


"At the bottom of the web page, you have a logo for "Biggers & Callaham, LLC" and it said that you were a Biggers & Callaham company. Who or what is Biggers & Callaham?"

Biggers & Callaham is the parent company of several dba's, including this one (MiceDirect), and the North Georgia Corn Maze (Come and check it out! You will have an unforgetable adventure!). Even though our various businesses are diverse, they all share in common our reputation for reliablity, quality products and service, and our absolute commitment to integrity.






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