B Grade Discounted Mice

B-Grade Mice:  Why they are discounted

This is what we feed our collection at MiceDirect! B-Grade quality mice do not meet our visual standards.  They have the same nutritional value at A-Grade, however, the mice may be slightly bloody or have more than a normal amount of moisture or feces or urine visible in the bag.  It is a great way to save money on your feeders, while giving your pet the same nutritional benefits of A-Grade mice.  We have limited availability on B-Grade.

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Ships with Dry Ice/Do not handle dry ice with bare hands/Dry ice will dissipate if left alone

Our mice are fed the Mazuri Lab Feed and kept in an indoor climate controlled facility to give you the healthiest mice for your pet!

Do not microwave to thaw. Leave at room temperature or in warm water until thawed.

Do not use your hand to feed your reptile

Always wash your hands and area after handling frozen rodents.

Not for human consumption.

So if you are feeding a corn, king, milk, boa or ball python, bearded dragon, monitor, or any other reptile, amphibian, lizard or bird of prey, you can rest easy that your pet is consuming the best and healthiest frozen Mice & Rats.

The healthiest and safest frozen feeders for your pet!