30 Mammoth Rats

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Only the best: Unlike imports from China, lab surplus or inferior rodent suppliers, this premium 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths has been raised in Cleveland, Ga. under the strictest quality controls. We researched common complaints about other reptile and snake food and set ourselves the challenge of supplying the best 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths on the market. With meticulous attention to quality and rodents raised in humane conditions, this 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths are second to none. We are committed to supplying the very best. We’ve thought of everything and here’s what makes our frozen feeder rats for snakes special.

  • Trusted: Tens of thousands of customers and some of the largest and well-known zoos around the world has used this 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths.
  • Fast: Same day processing is provided on this 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths received prior to 1 pm EST Monday through Sunday.
  • Shipping: Same day shipping prior to 1PM EST (Exception: Business & West Coast ships M-W prior to 1 PM)
  • Premium: All of our rodents are fed Mazuri, a zoological grade feed to help ensure that your 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths are the healthiest they can be for your pet. Better yet, we ensure that the feeder rats are always raised to the highest standards and are free of disease.
  • Trust: Don’t risk inferior imported feeders from China or lab surplus for your snakes and reptiles. Your pet deserves the very best. Your 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths are raised in humane conditions in Cleveland, Ga, meaning that your feeders are the best quality for your pet.
  • Direct to you: Your 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths arrive at your door directly from the farm in Cleveland, Ga.
  • Arrives frozen: This 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths for snakes are packaged in dry ice so that they arrive fresh, frozen and intact.
  • Raised with kindness: Only people who treat our feeder Rats with dignity and respect handle the animals. This 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths for snakes are painlessly put to sleep with CO2 gas and never suffer or feel distress.
  • Size: This 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths are 12-13 inches long not including the tail. They weigh 475-600 grams each.
  • As example, Rat Mammoths are good for Adult Red Tail Boas, Burmese Pythons, Reticulated Pythons and Large Monitors.
  • Fresh: In general, the average time that our frozen rodents are put to sleep and arrive at your door is about a week. This means that your 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths reptile and snake food are among the freshest you can buy.
  • Our commitment: If you and your pet do not love this 30 Pack of Rat Mammoths snake food, simply contact us and we’ll make it right.

Are you tired of Running to Pet Store for reptile Food and what you need is out of stock or what you buy is sized wrong?

Do they look bad, freezer burned or not fresh?

MiceDirect is convenience & premium quality. We have been trusted across America and several countries abroad for decades. Don’t risk inferior, lab-surplus or imported Rats from China feeder rodents; your pet deserves the very best from MiceDirect. We have exactly what you need delivered to you; Farm Fresh to your front Door.

  • FREE SHIPPING with orders over $69! Under $69 is a $29 S&H for frozen orders.
  • Guaranteed frozen delivery.  
  • Any problems, let us know and we will make it right 
  • We're fast! Same day processing & shipping prior to 1 PM EST Monday-Friday (Exception: Business & the West coast ships Monday-Wednesday)
  • FedEx & UPS Home Delivery ships Monday through Friday and delivers 7 days a week!
  • (Business & the West Coast ships Monday-Wednesday.)

The healthiest and safest frozen feeders for your pet!

MiceDirect ships with a cooler and dry ice which is required to keep goods frozen.

Do not handle dry ice with bare hands; it can burn your skin.

Use insulated gloves to handle Dry Ice.

Keep dry ice outside or in a well-ventilated area.

Dry ice will eliminate oxygen out of a closed space as it dissipates.

Feeding Instructions

  • Never microwave to thaw rodents.  
  • This will cause the inside of the rodent to be very hot and can result in harm or death for your reptile.
  • You can leave in the refrigerator over-night.
  • To Warm: Leave at room temperature or in a sealed plastic bag & in warm water until completely thawed.
  • Use tongs when feeding your reptile. Otherwise, your reptile may begin to identify your hand as food & strike at you.  
  • Always wash your hands and area after handling frozen rodents & reptiles.
  • Avoid touching your face or mouth when handling rodents & reptiles.
  • Not for human consumption.
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